Welcome to ACKS Domain Management, for easy Domain management for the Adventurer, Conquerer, King System. The data and formulas used here are straight from the Core rulebook. Note that this only creates domains and cities; you are on your own for hideouts, sanctums, and so forth. I will continue to add classes as I am able; if any part of this tool doesn't make sense, or you have more questions about what you can and can't do, please purchase the Adventurer, Conquerer, King books - they really are an awesome resource!

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Note that saving to a file only saves up through the previous month; changes are only synchronized when you advance to a new month. If you want to save changes before advancing to the next month (for example, after making garrison changes), click the "Save Without Advancing" at the bottom first.

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    Land value(s)

    Creating a New Domain

    Enter a name for your domain. Please enter a starting year. Please enter a starting month. Please select a class, of if you are using a custom class, the class closest to yours.

    Roll 3d3 for the land value of the first 6-mile hex.

    Please enter or generate a land value for your stronghold's starting hex.

    You don't have enough cash to build the stronghold you are ordering! Minimum stronghold cost (before discounts): 15,000gp Please enter the initial cost of your stronghold. This must be equal to or higher than the minimum value.

    Time to build: months.

    Number of engineers required: 0, costing 0gp per month.

    Current cost to start building a stronghold is 0, with a monthly cost of 0 over 0 months. Total cost: 0gp

    Generate starting population by rolling 8d6 x 10

    Please enter or generate a starting population number.

    Domain Information

    New season

    Population, not counting cities: families ( maximum population).

    Current morale:

      Expected income:

        Expected outflow:

          The people expect the default garrison funds, etc., as follows:

            Domain Upkeep and Expansion

            Total funds available: gp

              Select which pieces of land you wish to give away, below.