Arman's ACKS Tools

This section of my website is dedicated to Adventurer, Conqueror, King, an RPG based on the style of old-school D&D. If you haven't purchased the manual or the player's companion, you really should! Most of the information here is based on those two books, with a little help from Axioms Issue 1. If you use those links, I get a little kickback, too, which is really nice; I don't charge for these tools, and I intend to never do so, but it does take time and energy.

These tools have been updated! I'm afraid if you have any old save files, they are unable to be upgraded to the new version, but on the bright side, the save files are a lot more portable now. Additionally, there are a lot of new features, and hopefully, the creators are a lot closer to the rules. Obviously, while the Player's Companion has rules for character class creation, and Axioms Issue 1 has rules for creating custom magic, the racial ruleset is based only on a post in the forums. As such, the rules are not as comprehensive as the others. For the most part, the rules for a class and a race are similar; however, while a class only has one "level", a race has five: 0 through 4. Each level builds on the last. Tradeoffs are the one piece that doesn't fit nicely. As such, while I still allow tradeoffs in a race, any custom powers in a tradeoff won't be allowed elsewhere. The programming is otherwise far too complex.

I have a few classes, races, and spells that I've created as well; some may be a little unbalanced, however, or take the world in directions your Judge may not want, so it's always a good idea to ask first.

The newest version of the Magic Type, Race, and Class generators are - to the best of my ability - feature complete with the core book, Player's Handbook, and Axioms 1. I had to make a few choices, as follows: