Arman's ACKS Tools

This section of my website is dedicated to Adventurer, Conqueror, King, an RPG based on the style of old-school D&D. If you haven't purchased the manual or the player's companion, you really should! Most of the information here is based on those two books, with a little help from Axioms Issue 1. If you use those links, I get a little kickback, too, which is really nice; I don't charge for these tools, and I intend to never do so, but it does take time and energy.

I have a few classes, races, and spells that I've created as well; some may be a little unbalanced, however, or take the world in directions your Judge may not want, so it's always a good idea to ask first.

Additionally, I've made quite a number of Google Sheets to help me with randomly generating... well, everything. My NPC Party Generator can be found here, though you'll need to make a copy or download it to do anything with it.

List of known bugs in Creators:
Race and Class may have some trouble saving/loading custom powers (class especially)
Class may not load custom magic or race correctly
Cookies are brand new, and probably won't work well at all for a bit