Spell Maker

Welcome to Spell Maker, an interactive spell creation service for the Adventurer, Conquerer, King System. The math and descriptions are taken directly from the player's companion, though I've left almost all other information out; if you want to actually know what you're doing, buy the player's companion! Seriously, it's awesome.

While I should have the major bugs worked out, I'm sure there are quite a few left hanging around. More importantly, this tool is not perfect. It will let you do a few things that contradict, like allowing both static and dynamic illusions, or allowing you to choose both "only objects" and "only creatures" in Movement Spells. It's up to you to make good decisions, and more importantly it's up to your GM (unless you're the GM, in which case you can break all the rules you want, I guess).

It's a pretty rough tool, but I hope it saves you some time! If any part of it doesn't make sense, or you have more questions about what you can and can't do, please purchase the Adventurer, Conquerer, King player's companion - it really is an awesome resource!